About Homeopathic Remedies

The Arnica PlantMore than two-thousand Homeopathic remedies have been identified, developed and prepared within established homoeopathic pharmacies over the last two hundred years.

The remedies are derived mainly from plants, minerals and metals, though some are extracted from animal matter.

Each remedy has its own distinctive characteristics, all of which have been ascertained through a careful process of experimentation called '

For many years, Homoeopathic medicines have been recognised as a safe and effective means of treating ill-health; in order to achieve this enhanced medicinal action, and remove the problems of side-effects, a special method of preparation called
succussion is used.

The original substance from which the remedy is prepared is subjected to a series of dilutions, and, between each dilution, the medicinal solution is vigorously shaken. After such preparation, remedies are referred to as
potencies; the potency denotes the extent to which the original substance has been diluted; the greater the dilution, the more powerful the remedy becomes!

Living organisms are particularly sensitive to remedies prepared in this ‘dynamic’ form, and it is for precisely this reason that they are so effective when administered correctly!

Further information about the principles of Homeopathic remedies can be found

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