Heartmath- Resilience and Stress Management

Change stress and build reserves, live healthier and happier learning a way to self-regulate and be calmer even whilst under pressure.
Does there never seem to be enough time in the day? Looking after everyone else with no time or energy left for yourself.
Sleep issues
Anxiety and panic attacks
Digestion issues
Headaches and tension
On a roller coaster of ups and downs.
Heartmath is a biofeedback system that enables us to learn to self-regulate and bring ourselves into balance with techniques working with our heart rhythm pattern. Finding the balance between relaxation and anxiety, the perfect middle road so we can live and work at our best. It is a way of changing stress and enhancing performance. Building our emotional resilience so we can cope better in times of pressure and manage challenging situations lowering risk of burn out and illness.
 My particular field of interest is how the mind and body work together with emphasis on reducing stress, thus maximising optimal health.
Alongside my main career in homeopathy, I have also worked for the last 14 years with families suffering or following domestic abuse. I have had particular experience working with young people and children.
 HeartMath and homeopathy complement one another and can work together or independently.

Clinical Stress Risk Reduction Percentage of individuals who responded: “often”, “very often” or “always” (n=10,249)

Source: Institute of HeartMath (2015), Boulder Creek, California. Results obtained from analysis of 10,249 people who completed the Personal and Organisational Quality Assessment (Revised) questionnaire (POQA-R) before and 6 weeks after completing a HeartMath programme.